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The Corporations Act 2001 (Corporations Act) protects certain whistleblower activities, and protects whistleblowers from persecution. These protections are designed to encourage people within companies, or with special connections to companies, to alert ASIC and other authorities to illegal behaviour.

Read our Information Sheet 52 Whistleblowers and whistleblower protection (INFO 52) which will help you understand who is considered to be a whistleblower and what kinds of protection whistleblowers may be entitled to under the Corporations Act.

Information for company officeholders and company auditors

Company officers, company auditors and other persons have legal obligations under the Corporations Act if they receive a revelation from a whistleblower. Unless those persons handle the revelation correctly they may inadvertently breach the Corporations Act if they tell an unauthorised third party, including other officers of the company or the audit partner. Any unauthorised revelation may trigger significant civil and criminal consequences.

More information for company officeholders

Find out more about how a company can prepare its officers for a whistleblower’s revelation

More information for company auditors

Find out more about how you can set up proper internal processes for handling revelations from whistleblowers.

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