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ASIC office addresses and opening hours

ASIC has offices in all capital cities in Australia. Each state and territory office hosts kiosk based services for lodging online and also provides a secure lodgement box for documents to be sent to the Traralgon Office for processing. Take-overs, prospectuses and other market sensitive documents will be processed locally where supported. These lodgements should be marked 'sensitive' to assist our staff in directing these to the appropriate area for processing.

Our State and Territory offices handle enforcement and policy issues (companies, credit, auditors, and insolvency).

If you don't live in one of the capital cities you may be able to use one of our Regional Representatives. Regional representatives can handle much of your ASIC business. They make ASIC more accessible and allow you to save time if you use our services regularly.

If you need to speak to a staff member from a particular location, please call 1300 300 630 and we will refer your details. We aim to answer referrals within 48 hours of your call.

Office addresses and opening hours

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