Cancelling and transferring a business name

If you are selling your business and the new owner would like to use the name, you will need to transfer it.

If you are no longer carrying on business under your business name, you will need to cancel it.

ASIC may also cancel your business name registration in some situations.

Transfer your business name

Common situations where you might need to transfer your business name are when:

  • you sell your business and the new owner wants to use the existing business name
  • you pass your business name on to another party
  • you form a partnership with an existing business name holder and another party
  • a new business partner replaces another (does not include joint ventures), or
  • a partner in a partnership or joint venture leaves and only one partner is remaining.

Find out how to transfer your business name.

Cancel your business name

You must cancel your business name if you stop carrying on business under it.

Find out how to cancel your business name.

ASIC initiated cancellation of a business name

ASIC may cancel your business name if:

  • you don't renew your business name registration
  • you're disqualified from holding a business name, or
  • you don't notify us of a change within the required time.

Find out more about ASIC initiated cancellation of a business name.

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Last updated: 01/05/2014 12:00