Private service providers

You can choose to register or renew your business name with ASIC using ASIC Connect, or use a private service provider (PSP).

A PSP may be your accountant, solicitor or another business who provides online services with ASIC.

A PSP will check that your transaction meets legal requirements. 

PSP Fees

The fees ASIC charges and collects for the government are set by the Corporations (Fees) Regulations. These fees must be paid by the business owner. A PSP may collect and pay these fees to ASIC on behalf of the business owner. 

PSPs set their own fees for the services they provide.

The PSP may charge an additional amount on top of the fee set by the Corporations Fees Regulation is at the discretion of the PSP. You should check the PSP's fees before using their services.

PSP services

PSPs may provide services over and above the business name registration or renewal.

Examples include domain name checks, help with other registrations, reminders when due dates fall and business advice.

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