Showcase presentations - session two


Presenter: Evan Wong, Co- Founder & CEO

CheckboxCheckbox is a technology start-up that enables experts to transform complex regulation into easy-to-use software in the cloud, without a developer. The no-code platform supports the digital transformation of regulation through the use of drag and drop to introduce and link elements together, as well as interactive decision trees which produce automated documents. Checkbox was awarded "RegTech of the Year", and was winner of the Westpac Innovation Challenge.


Presenter: Professor Guido Governatori, Legal Informatics Team Leader, Data61, CSIRO

Data61Computation Law at Data61, CSIRO (Regulation as a platform): Data61 will present research and work to create a computational law platform to provide free and open access to legislation and regulation via public APIs, which will allow users to access the database of (endorsed) logic rules and a reasoning engine to process rules and data into accessible digital logic.

Red Marker

Presenter: Matt Symons

Red MarkerArtemis is a software solution that identifies potential non-compliance with regulatory obligations:

  • Artemis uses machine learning and natural language processing to enable real-time risk detection
  • For each identified non-compliant event, Artemis delivers both a tailored risk rating and a micro-learning module
  • In this way Artemis helps regulated entities transition from point-in-time audits towards continuous automated reviews of all client interactions
  • In this way Artemis supports a culture of compliance by
    1. identifying non-compliance before it negatively impacts customers
    2. systematically identifying skills gaps in client facing employees
    3. remediating those skills gaps with contextually relevant micro-learning.


Presenter: Adolfo Pando-Molina, CEO

RegbotRegBot is a technology that allows financial entities to be fully compliant with applicable regulation in real time, with no interpretative uncertainties or analysis bottlenecks. Like a virtual compliance expert sitting next to traders and compliance officers, RegBot ensures that regulatory obligations are fully monitored and met at all times, eliminating the need for unnecessarily conservative business policies that restrict business opportunities.


Presenter: Lisa Schutz, CEO

VerifierVerifier is an online proof of income solution that puts people in control of their data and is built on privacy by design principles. Verifier delivers income proof by enabling people to access either super guarantee or payroll data, without asking them to share banking portal user names and passwords. Verifier accesses data via API and as such the income proof is delivered rapidly, enabling faster loan processing and less hassle for customers and lenders.

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ASIC licenses first crowd-sourced funding intermediaries

11 January 2018

ASIC has licensed the first crowd-sourced funding (CSF) intermediaries under the new CSF regime.

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Crowd-sourced funding

ASIC Commissioner John Price joins the podcast to discuss recent law reform around crowd-sourced funding and ASIC's role in administering the new legislation.

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