International referrals process

ASIC understands that innovation in financial services is not confined by national borders and that some business ideas will want to scale up internationally. The Innovation Hub has signed co-operation agreements with overseas regulators to assist innovative FinTech businesses make ventures into international markets. The process for obtaining a referral from ASIC is set out below.

FinTech is global. ASIC can help you expand by formally referring you to our regulatory counterparts overseas.

The Innovation Hub has signed a number of international FinTech co-operation agreements that aim to assist innovative businesses in Australia make ventures into international markets.

These agreements will help break down barriers to entry by enabling ASIC to refer FinTech start-up businesses to international regulators to efficiently establish initial discussions and receive informal assistance on the regulatory environment they may face.

Co-operation agreements

Countries which ASIC has referral agreements with are listed below:

Canada - ASIC-OSC co-operation agreement

Kenya - ASIC-CMA co-operation agreement

United Kingdom - ASIC-FCA co-operation agreement

Singapore - ASIC-MAS co-operation agreement

Requesting a referral

To request a referral, please complete the following form:

International referral request form

To qualify for the support offered by the agreement, businesses will need to meet the ASIC Innovation Hub's eligibility criteria.

Depending upon your specific circumstances, the Innovation Hub may need to request further information on your business prior to making a referral.

Your responses to the questions in this form will help ASIC form a view on your business and its eligibility to receive a referral.

Submit any questions and/or your completed form (with any relevant attachments you wish to include) to us at

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Discussing ASIC's regulatory sandbox
6 April 2017

ASIC has launched a regulatory sandbox environment, designed to help fintechs develop and test their ideas.

It includes a world-first class waiver that allows eligible businesses to test certain services for up to 12 months without an Australian financial services or credit licence.

ASIC Commissioner John Price, and Senior Executive Leader Mark Adams will explain how it works, who is eligible and address questions.

Thursday 6 April 2017

At Stone & Chalk

Level 2, 50 Bridge Street, Sydney NSW

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