Small business-keeping your company details up to date

Details of every company registered in Australia are recorded on our corporate register. You must notify us of changes to your company details by lodging the relevant form. The majority of changes can be notified using a Change to company details (Form 484 - online).

The most common changes relate to:

  • registered office (notify us within 28 days)

  • principal place of business (notify us within 28 days)

  • company share issue (notify us within 28 days), and

  • the location of the company‘s share register (notify us within 7 days).

Most notifications of changes involve no lodgement fees. Check the annual statement we send you to ensure your company’s details are up to date.

For more on the types of changes that you must tell us about, the appropriate form to use, and how the forms can be lodged, see Information Sheet 20 Checklist for registered companies and their officers (INFO 20).

For a list of fees payable on commonly lodged documents, see Information Sheet 30 Fees for commonly lodged documents (INFO 30).

Even when there is no fee, there may be a late fee payable if the form is lodged after the due date.

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