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The following is a checklist of the common legal requirements you need to meet if you operate a small business using a company structure. If you operate a small business using a business name, see also Knowing your legal requirements – business names.

ASIC guide for small business directors

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Find out what your responsibilities are as director of a company and what you are liable for when things go wrong.Read our guide for small business directors

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Knowing your legal requirements - business names

General obligations as a company director

What books and records should my company keep?

Directors and financial reporting

Companies that must lodge financial reports with ASIC

Keeping your company details up to date

Changing a company type

Changing a company name

Ensuring your company is solvent

Annual statements and late fees

How to lodge documents and avoid late fees

Waiving a late lodgement fee

Illegal phoenix activity

Your obligation as a company director

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Levelling the playing field for small business

Levelling Playing Field 

ASIC, the ATO, Fair Work Ombudsman, ACCC,  and the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman discuss what they are doing to help small businesses compete on a level playing field.

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