ASIC Annual Forum 2019

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16–17 May 2019 | Hilton Sydney

Other people’s money

Join us for the 24th ASIC Annual Forum as we explore how the financial services industry can focus on the end user, and how financial market participants can meet public expectations when dealing with 'other people's money'.

This year’s ASIC Annual Forum will be held in conjunction with the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO). The event brings together thought leaders from Australia and around the world.

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Program highlights

The future of financial services – global regulatory perspectives

Digitisation, higher consumer expectations, disruptive models and innovation. An international panel explores how we can address challenges and realise opportunities in a rapidly changing world.

The regulatory toolkit

How can regulators use their tools to combat and deter misconduct in the financial services industry? This session explores how regulators can best use tools such as underlying settings, court infrastructure, regulatory powers and cross-agency coordination.

Balancing consumer choice with consumer protection

Hear from an international panel as they share their experience using product intervention powers, and how regulators can make decisions in consumers’ interests, without stifling innovation and consumer choice.

Meet the Commission

Hear from ASIC’s new commission as they outline the priorities for the year ahead and take questions from the floor.

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