Disputes about goods and non financial services - video transcript

Transcript of video about disputes about goods and non-financial services, presented by Adam, ASIC's Misconduct and Breach Reporting team, uploaded 23 September 2013.

What are disputes about goods and non-financial services?

Well, essentially it's a breakdown of the contract between you and the supplier of the goods or services purchased.

So, whenever you actually buy something you enter into a contract between you and the supplier.

This could be a written or an oral agreement, or a combination of both.

And the dispute happens when either party breaks the terms and conditions to that contract. For example, you might buy a pair of shoes online, you pay for them but they don't show up. And the supplier refuses to give your money back.

This is a dispute about goods and services.

What should I do?

Well, firstly we recommend that you contact the other party to discuss the dispute.

Or you could get legal advice to discuss what other options are available to you. For example, you might be able to resolve the dispute through mediation.

If you are unsure about how to get legal advice, you can contact the Law Society in your state or territory.

And you can also obtain further information or assistance from the consumer affairs body in your state or territory.

What is ASIC's role here?

Well, an important point to note here is that ASIC's role is generally limited to financial services and financial products. For example, superannuation or financial advice.

Other disputes about goods and services are generally only enforceable by private legal action.

If the dispute is about financial products or financial services though, you can find helpful guidance on ASIC's MoneySmart website. This is a really handy and easy to read resource.

But finally, if you do wish to report misconduct to us you can do so via ASIC's How to complain website from which you accessed this video and the subject prompts should give you guidance in how to complete the report of misconduct.

For more information see Information Sheet 161 Disputes about goods and non-financial services.

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