Difficulties using our website

Difficulties completing a task

If you are having difficulties using ASIC Connect and other online services to complete a specific task you can report the issue.

System outages

For current and planned system outages see our service availability page.

Website content issues (including broken links)

For website content issues (including broken links) or to make general comments and suggestions about usability go to feedback@asic.gov.au.

Accessibility for assistive devices

We aim to make this site accessible for assistive devices.

This includes:

  • designing pages so that they can easily be read by screen readers
  • inserting a 'skip to content' link at the top of the page, which allows screen readers to skip navigational elements and go straight to the text
  • providing text equivalents ('alt tags') for images
  • providing transcripts or captions for video files.

If you have any difficulty accessing and viewing information on this website please let us know.

Complaints about our Registry services

If you have already contacted our Customer Contact Centre and remain dissatisfied, you can make a complaint about our Registry services.

Company auditors

Video - How we handle tip-offs and reports of misconduct


Warren Day, Senior Executive Leader, Assessment and Intelligence and Victorian Regional Commissioner, talks about ASIC's approach to handling complaints, tip-offs and reports of misconduct.

Watch the video
Go to ASIC's YouTube channel


Podcast - How ASIC deals with reports of misconduct

Warren Day talks about what happens when you make a report of alleged misconduct or a complaint to ASIC.


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