Insolvency practitioners (liquidators, administrators and receivers)

Insolvency practitioners have defined roles under the legislation which includes a broad discretion in administering the affairs of companies. Their roles require them to act in the interest of creditors as a whole and to determine who is or who is not a creditor. For information about these roles:

Read ASIC's regulatory documents on insolvency (See Australian companies: Winding up companies and insolvent external administration) and insolvency information.

If there is evidence that an insolvency practitioner has acted illegally we may consider taking action:

Where ASIC can help

Information about whistleblowers

ASIC and whistleblowers

Asic Whistleblower Thmb

Warren Day, Senior Executive Leader, Assessment and Intelligence talks about ASIC's role in relation to whisteblowers.

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The Corporations Act and whistleblowers

Corp Whistleblower Thmb

How the Corporations Act recognises and protects whistleblowers.

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Fair Work Ombudsman

You can contact the Fair Work Ombudsman if you would like to report someone who isn't complying with workplace laws or you need help in resolving a workplace issue.

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