Highlights from our 2004-05 annual report: 'Patrolling a broad territory'

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Highlights from the 2004-05 annual report

  • Brought wrongdoers to justice: HIH directors Adler, Williams and Cassidy among 27 jailed for more than 96 years.
  • Guarded superannuation from suspect schemes and misinformation and prepared for super choice: 56 schemes checked, 5 stopped, 4 million super publications distributed.
  • Helped more people: 40% more action on reports of crime and misconduct, and answered 40% more calls on enforcement, consumer and regulatory issues.
  • Promoted stronger markets: got better disclosure for investors, assessed new financial markets, created more certainty for business.
  • Assisted companies restructure or merge in transactions worth at least $41 billion.

Selected pages from the report

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Chairman's report
'Patrolling a broad territory' (pages 4-5), PDF file, 141 KB

ASIC effectiveness
Achieving the aims set out in our legislation (3 year perspective) (pages 6-7), PDF file, 40 KB

Met the six key goals in our 2002-05 strategic plan (page 8-9) PDF file, 30 KB

Financial summary
Increased outputs to achieve the outcome approved by Parliament (page 12), PDF file, 34 KB

Operational summary
Directorate staff numbers, role, key events, results and targets for next year (pages 14-15), PDF file, 37 KB

Where ASIC fits into the regulatory picture
Who we regulate and how we do it (pages 44-45), PDF file, 47 KB

Six year summary
1999-2000 to 2004-05: business data, ASIC performance data and financial summary (page 58-59), PDF file, 41 KB

Download the full annual report as a PDF file or read it at these libraries


Independent audit report

Statement from the Australian National Audit Office about the electronic presentation on this website of the audited financial report of ASIC for the year ended 30 June 2005 (PDF file, 184 KB).

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