Highlights from our 2005–06 annual report: 'Working for Australia'

  • Helped prevent widespread superannuation mis-selling through enforcement, compliance and education, pages 19, 22 and 26.
  • Concluded enforcement proceedings against a record 352 people or companies, 94% successfully. Managed an exceptional number of high profile, challenging investigations, pages 4, 18.
  • Targeted the culture of denial in financially troubled companies and set up a program to act against delinquent directors, pages 5, 28.
  • Launched initiatives for better regulation, granted 2,565 approvals that helped business transactions, and processed 45 million requests for business data, up 25%, pages 8, 31 and 32.
  • Exposed and litigated against conflicts of interest between advisers and their clients to raise industry standards, pages 5 and 27.
  • Ensured ASIC’s sustainability through additional funding and by investing in our people and technology, pages 6, 33 and 35.

Read our media release, 31 October 2006

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