Highlights from our 2006–07 annual report

  • Completed our investigation into criminal offences involving the HIH companies: 4 convictions and 3 jail terms imposed this year, 9 convictions and 7 jail terms in all, and 4 people still before the courts
  • Set up a special team, including outside experts, to implement a 3-point plan on unlisted and unrated securities, page 5
  • Completed 51 criminal and 76 civil proceedings in the courts, 97% successfully, pages 6 and 16
  • Significantly increased the disqualification of assetless and failed companies, up 250% to 81, through closer collaboration with company liquidators, page 19
  • A record 55 million public requests for business information from our databases and a record 1 million visits to our consumer website FIDO, pages 27 and 20

ASIC annual reports

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