InFocus July 2017 - Volume 26 Issue 6

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Fee indexation - new fees from 1 July 2017

From 1 July 2017 some ASIC fees increased as a result of annual fee indexation.

As an example, the fee to register a business name was previously $34. From 1 July 2017 the fee is $35.

Visit Fees for commonly lodged documents for a list of fees for our most common transactions and forms.

Stay safe online

Recently, ASIC customers have been targeted by malware and phishing scams.

Scammers are sending emails that may impact your computer and records if attachments are opened.

If you can identify an email is a scam, you should delete it. If you're unsure if the email is from ASIC, contact us and we can confirm if we've issued you a notice.

Internet scams are unfortunately a widespread problem. If you have inadvertently clicked a link from a scam email or believe you're affected by malware, visit ScamWatch. Their webpage has information that helps identify if you're affected and steps you can take.

To ensure you stay safe online, the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN) provides great advice on how to avoid becoming a victim of cyber-crime.

Find out more about scams targeting ASIC customers.

Changes at ASIC self-service kiosks

From 1 July 2017, some paper documents can no longer be lodged at ASIC self-service kiosks. Computer access and telephone support from ASIC staff will continue to be offered.

Customers now need to lodge documents online, through a registered agent or by mail to our Traralgon office.  Lodging online is the best way to avoid late fees. If you need to post documents to ASIC, make sure you send them early so they are received on time.

We understand that Form 519 Notification of court action relating to winding up is time critical. For this form, a new email lodgement process is available. A printed, signed and scanned copy of the Form 519 can be emailed to ASIC in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined on the form. Other documents cannot be lodged through this email address.

Learn more about changes to ASIC self-service kiosks and submitting the Form 519.

Take-overs, prospectuses and other market sensitive documents will continue to be accepted in all offices over the Reception Counter.  Visit our Forms page to understand which documents must be sent to our Traralgon office.

I'm a company officeholder, what do I need to do?

When you're a company officeholder, you are responsible for more than just your daily operations. You also need to ensure your company is solvent, pays its annual review fee and keeps all its details up to date.

To help officeholders, we've made a short video that explains your registration obligations.

Learn more about your officeholder obligations.

If you liked this video or have any ideas for future episodes, let us know.

Rosanne Bell appointed President of the Corporate Registers Forum

Rosanne Bell, Senior Executive Leader of ASIC Registry was recently appointed President of the Corporate Registers Forum (CRF). The CRF is an association of corporate registries from more than 60 international jurisdictions. ASIC's ties with the CRF span back to 2003 as a founding member of the association.

When discussing her recent appointment Rosanne noted, 'it was a real honour to be considered for role of President. It's recognition of the expertise and contribution the ASIC Registry has brought to the CRF over many years.'

'I'm looking forward to working collaboratively with my international colleagues, to strengthen cross border ties, idea generation and expertise sharing to improve corporate registries around the world.'

'Registries globally face a number of challenges in the way we manage our businesses. Technology, cyber security, and beneficial ownership are all key items for us to grapple with. I'm hoping the group can make some headway into these issues and more in the coming year.'

Find out more information about CRF

Are you a registered company auditor and SMSF auditor? Don't forget to lodge twice

All registered auditors must lodge an annual statement within 30 days of their registration date. 

If you're a SMSF auditor as well as a registered company auditor, you must lodge two separate annual statements. 

Registered company auditors need to lodge the Form 912 online.

SMSF auditors must use ASIC Connect to lodge an annual statement.

Upcoming events

We are attending the following events in the coming months. Feel free to drop past for a chat or to ask a question.

  • Franchising and Business Expo: 22-23 July - The Brisbane Franchising and Business Opportunities Expo gives you the chance to talk face to face with franchisors and successful franchisees across a range of different businesses. (22-23 in Brisbane and 26-27 August in Melbourne) 
  • Small Business Summit 23-25 August – ASIC will attend the COSBOA Small Business Summit which brings together industry representatives and senior politicians from across Australia. The key theme for the summit will be 'Collaboration and Communities' building and strengthening partnerships between policy makers and industry leaders with the focus on the future of small business.
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