InFocus March 2017 - Volume 26 Issue 2

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Attention agents: Time is money - here's a way to save both!

Here at InFocus we often talk about our online services and the transactions registered agents must complete online. However, we talk less about the efficiencies that can be gained.

A number of large registered agents use our online services and recognise the benefits this brings to their business. In recent weeks we've spoken with some of these agents and it was great to get their feedback.

Pitcher Partners Director, John McCarthy, said 'we use the services ASIC provides for registered agents on a daily basis. They form a critical part of our business and allow us to keep our clients' details up to date efficiently.'

John went on to say, 'as a registered agent we see significant benefits from using the online services. The updates are made immediately, we have longer to get the information needed from our customers and we don’t have to print and post documents to ASIC.'

Over time ASIC will move more transactions online, so now is as good a time as any to transition. We understand that this will mean changes to business processes and customer behaviour, but we are confident the efficiencies will pay off over time.

Visit our dedicated webpage for registered agents to find out more about our online services.

What happens when a registered agent no longer represents a company?

When the relationship between a registered agent and a company ends, there are some important steps that need to take place.

An important first step is to discuss who is going to notify ASIC that the relationship has ended. Will it be the agent or the company officeholder?

Registered agent notifying ASIC

If you're a registered agent and no longer represent a company, it is important to:

  • Check the registered office address for the company. Many companies you represent will also have your address listed as their registered office. When you no longer represent them, this will need to be changed or the company will not receive important correspondence from us. To update their registered office, complete a Change to company details (484) online, before ceasing as their registered agent.

Company notifying ASIC

If you are no longer being represented by a registered agent, you will need to:

  • Check the addresses for your company. You may have the previous registered agent's address listed as your registered office. You will need to update this address to ensure you receive important correspondence from us. Address updates can be made by completing a Change to company details (484) online.

If you are appointing a new registered agent, you will also need to complete a Notification by a company to nominate or cease a registered agent (362) online.

Find out more about registered agents and company addresses.

Calling us about your company or business name? Have these details on hand

Our call centre receives over 4,000 enquiries a day, with our staff answering a range of different questions and issues. To help us help you as quickly as possible when you call, make sure you have all your customer details in front of you.

For example, if you're calling about your company's account balance, have a copy of:

  • your company's account number
  • your Australian Company Number (ACN), and
  • anything else that's relevant to your question (e.g. a payment receipt)

If you're calling about a business name, make sure you know the holder's ABN or the name of the business.

Having your customer details close by helps us give you the correct information as soon as we can so you can get back to running your business.

Keeping your company addresses up to date

If you're a company officeholder, you need to think about more than just operating your business. You're also responsible for making sure all of your company details are kept up to date and any changes, like a new address, are made as soon as possible.

To help out new (and old) officeholders, we've made a short video that explains your obligations, what information you need to update, and how you can notify us when you change your address.

You can also visit company addresses for more information.

If you have any feedback or ideas for future videos, let us know at

ASIC's First Business app

ASIC is pleased to announce a new resource available on ASIC's MoneySmart website to help people thinking about going into small business.

ASIC's First Business app can help anyone who is moving towards starting their own business.

Getting into small business can be exciting, but there can be a lot of steps involved. The new app is a great place to start.

First Business can help you:

  • Work out whether you are ready to start a business
  • Keep track of requirements related to running a business
  • Develop business networks
  • Save and compile useful websites and information on starting a business.

The app is available now for iOS and Android devices.

Australian Trade Mark Search launch

IP Australia has launched the new Australian Trade Mark Search, a simpler and better way for you to check if your proposed trade mark is available.

Each year, IP Australia receives over 60,000 trade mark applications from businesses and individuals to secure their brand. But many make the mistake of applying for a trade mark that is already registered, just from simply not knowing.

Australian Trade Mark Search allows you to search trade marks quickly and efficiently to make informed decisions about your business. The new system introduces image recognition and machine learning technology that detects objects within an image and makes instantaneous comparisons across Australia’s entire trade mark database. It also features advanced options including a real time search counter and the ability to text search across a range of goods and services.

Visit IP Australia’s website for more information and start searching today

Franchising and Business Opportunities Expo

The Franchising and Business Opportunities Expo provides an opportunity for attendees to speak with leading franchisors and successful franchisees across a range of business opportunities.

ASIC and other government agencies, including the Australian Taxation Office, Fair Work Ombudsman and AusIndustry will be attending this event and will be available to answer your questions.

At the event, you will also have access to free legal and financial advice, benefit from seminars delivered by experts on relevant topics, and compare and research a diverse range of franchise opportunities.

The expo will be held across Australia. The one is at the Sydney International Convention Centre on March 25 and 26.

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B2B Expo 2017

The B2B Expo 2017 provides business owners with the opportunity to showcase their essential products and services, connect with government and key industry associations and present new start-ups and innovation trends and solutions.

ASIC will be in attendance and available to answer your questions.

The expo will be held at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre on 27-28 April and again on 28-29 June at the Sydney International Convention Centre.

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