21st Century Group - Provisional liquidator's report


These reports were provided to the Court unredacted pursuant to the Orders made by the Honourable Justice Middleton on 7 October 2015 to provide information to the Court, ASIC, Jamie McIntyre and Dennis McIntyre addressing the matters  referred to in paragraph 7 of these orders.

View a copy of the court's orders dated 7 October 2015

For publication, parts of the content of these reports have been redacted and are based on the preliminary investigations conducted by the provisional liquidators prior to the date of the reports. The information contained in the reports is not intended  to be a complete statement or summary of the financial position, likely return to creditors, rights of creditors/stakeholders or developments referred to in the reports. Any opinions expressed in these reports may change pending further investigation  and should not be relied upon by any person.

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