Episode 55: ASIC enforcement outcomes, January to June 2019

18 August 2019

In this episode with ASIC Deputy Chair Daniel Crennan QC, we explore ASIC’s Enforcement Update (January to June 2019), ASIC's Office of Enforcement and work to strengthen ASIC's enforcement effectiveness by accelerating court-based enforcement matters.

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Episode 61: Risky business: land banking property investment schemes

15 January 2020

Investing in land and property is certainly not a revolutionary idea. Australians have been investing in bricks, mortar and land for decades, but unfortunately not all property investment schemes are the same. 'Land banking' can produce returns for investors but comes with significant red flags. It is often unregulated, leaving investors without protection if things go wrong. In this episode, we explore some of the land banking schemes shut down by ASIC.

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Fintech innovations

31 July 2019

This podcast series from Toronto Centre gives regulatory and market perspectives on fintech innovations currently taking place in Australia.

Introducing the newest technology to capital markets - Oliver Harvey, ASIC and Katie McDermott, ASX provide regulator and industry perspectives.

To protect or to foster innovation: An inside look at a regulator's initiative to do both -  Mark Adams, ASIC

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