Recurrent Data Pilots

Across 2018-19, ASIC will pilot two recurrent data collection exercises. These initial pilots will test the feasibility and benefits of recurrent data collection. The pilots will also allow ASIC to build and mature the underlying process and procedures necessary to support this work.

ASIC’s initial pilots were chosen from both areas where ASIC has done previous data projects and areas where ASIC has assessed there to be greater need for data.

The results of the pilots will inform future recurrent data collection work.

ASIC welcomes industry to express interest in contributing to its recurrent data collection pilots.

Please see the individual pilot pages for further details and how to express your organisation’s interest in contributing to the pilots.

Recurrent Mortgage Data Pilot

ASIC’s recurrent mortgage data collection will collect granular loan-level information from organisations involved in the pilot. This data will help ASIC identify trends and systemic practices in Australia’s home lending market which have the potential to cause significant consumer detriment.

Find out more about the Recurrent Mortgage Data Pilot.

Recurrent Managed Funds Flow Data Pilot

ASIC’s managed funds flow pilot will assess recurrent data collection as a means of improving ASIC’s understanding of managed funds.

Find out more about the Recurrent Managed Funds Flow Data Pilot.



For any further information about ASIC’s recurrent data collection project or to sign up for updates, please email

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