Managed Funds Flow Data Pilot

ASIC invites funds managers to contact us to learn more about the recurrent managed funds flow data pilot (including to register your organisation’s interest in participating). Correspondence should be directed to

ASIC’s managed funds flow pilot will assess recurrent data collection as a means of improving ASIC’s understanding of managed funds sector, its characteristics, trends and risks.

Currently, ASIC does not collect any data in relation to retail schemes on a recurring basis other than information contained in financial statements lodged with ASIC. ASIC does not currently receive any information about wholesale schemes. ASIC relies on its information gathering powers and third-party data aggregators to obtain information on a case by case basis or subsectors of the funds management sector.

This data will be used:

  • to identify areas of risk for further regulatory work, particularly to review the operations of entities using our compulsory powers; and
  • to inform other regulatory activities including the development of guidance and provision of policy advice to Government.

For further details, please consult the Recurrent Managed Funds Flow data pilot invitation letter.



For any further information about ASIC’s recurrent data collection project or to sign up for updates, please email

Last updated: 30/03/2021 09:27