International co-operation

Are you an Australian fintech business looking to expand overseas?

ASIC has signed international cooperation agreements with some of its financial regulatory counterparts that are designed to break down barriers to market entry.

If you’re eligible, we can formally refer your fintech business. This could help you meet the right people, set up important first meetings, and receive informal assistance in different regulatory environments.

Request a referral to an international financial regulator

 International referral request form

To qualify for an international referral, you need to meet the ASIC Innovation Hub eligibility criteria. The Innovation Hub may request further information on your business before making a referral. Please submit your completed form (with any relevant attachments) to Mark Adams at

Information sharing agreements

China: ASIC-CSRC cooperation agreement

Indonesia: ASIC-OJK cooperation agreement

Kenya: ASIC-CMA cooperation agreement

Exchange of letters

JapanASIC-JFSA cooperation framework

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