Natural language processing trials

In February 2018, ASIC released a set of problem statements with use cases to understand and encourage the application of natural language processing (NLP) in resolving regulatory problems. The trials were to explore potential efficiencies in supervision, including through automation and prediction, and provided a genuine learning opportunity for ASIC. ASIC’s tender was issued for the provision of pilots in:

  • Identifying promotions of concern for financial and credit services
  • Phone sales practices of insurance
  • Managed-fund Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) review
  • Financial advice file review
  • Financial reporting review of company announcements
  • Prospectus review.

ASIC’s 2018 NLP trial results

Data availability

NLP does not transform poor-quality data into high-quality data, and it cannot find data where none exists. Therefore, a challenge in ASIC’s NLP trials has been sourcing the right kind of data – and in sufficient quantity. Poor quality or inadequate data produces models that do not produce useful outputs or that are very limited in scope.

Data annotation

For machine-learning processes ASIC needed to ‘teach’ the machine what it needed to find. This included annotating PDS’s to highlight relevant features, which was time consuming, as was the time required to identify problematic examples.

This led to a second issue – a lack of sufficient quantity. ASIC needed a large volume of misleading or deceptive examples to teach the machine what to look for. These example are rare.

Next steps: enhancing our knowledge base, personnel and capacity

Like many organisations, ASIC is considering the skills and resources it needs to integrate regtech into its everyday operations. The NLP trials provided practical insight on that front.

ASIC is conducting further NLP-related trials in 2019. See the events section for more information.

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ASIC publishes REP 685 ASIC's Regtech Initiatives 2019-20

20 January 2021

ASIC’s Regtech Initiatives 2019-20 report covers observations and findings from the regtech initiatives we conducted throughout the year.  The report outlines that regtech is particularly useful for identifying and, in some cases, assessing indicators of concerning conduct or activities by financial businesses.

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30 October 2020

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Financial Innovation: Regulator meet-up, recording now available

1 December 2020

ASIC's regulator meet-ups bring together representatives from national bodies to outline their latest initiatives and news with financial innovation and technology. More information.

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11th ASIC regtech liaison forum

4 December 2020

The forum provides a regular chance for industry representatives and regulators to discuss the developments and opportunities within the regulatory technology (regtech) space. More information.



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