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ASIC presents at a range of fintech meetups and events to discuss the Innovation Hub, our approach to new business models and address questions from the sector on regulation and compliance. 

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Past events

ASIC's 8th Regtech Liaison Forum

Friday 22 November, 2019

ASIC's quarterly Regtech Liaison Forum provides a space for the exchange of ideas, and establishing opportunities for future collaboration around the central topic of Australia's regtech ecosystem. The series provides businesses and individuals with an opportunity to meet directly with ASIC and other regulators to ask questions, network and speak to fellow industry leaders.

Voice Analytics Symposium

Tuesday 24 September 2019

ASIC's third Regtech Initiative - the Voice Analytics Symposium - shared the findings of a Voice Analytics and Voice-to-Text (VA&VT) trial.

Earlier this year, ASIC conducted a VA&VT trial examining issues identified in ASIC’s Report 587 The sale of direct life insurance. The report found that inappropriate sales practices led to poor consumer outcomes.

ASIC chose three trial demonstrators, Call Journey, Daisee and Deloitte, via a tender process. They were provided with a dataset of 1,700 life insurance sales calls and were asked to apply their regtech solutions to analyse and report on calls

Australia’s first fintech minister, Senator Jane Hume, opened proceedings by providing observations on the Government’s interest in the regtech and fintech sectors. ASIC Chair James Shipton also provided an introductory statement highlighting the state of innovation in Australia, his vision for what the technology is capable of, and what it means for Australia as a global leader in this industry.

A copy of the demonstration slides can be found below:

Watch the event: available below on livestream.

Financial Advice Files Symposium

Thursday 22 August 2019

The second event in ASIC’s Regtech Initiative series – the Financial Advice Files Symposium – saw six demonstrators analyse financial advice files to identify risk indicators around non-compliance. These new technologies have the potential to help advisers and entities meet their regulatory and professional requirements.

In his opening statement, Deputy Chair Daniel Crennan QC said the financial advice industry should include capacity to explore, test and implement ‘compliance-by-design’ regtech solutions into their business model. This message was reinforced by industry experts, sharing their observations of regtech trends and projections of what’s to come during the panel discussion and commentator observation sessions.

Watch the event: available below on livestream.

Monitoring Financial Promotions Symposium

Friday 2 August 2019

The first event in ASIC’s regtech initiative – Monitoring Financial Promotions Symposium – saw five demonstrators analyse financial promotional material (both traditional and non-traditional media) to extract key features and identify potential risk characteristics.

Commissioner Cathie Armour set the tone in her commencement address by announcing the regtech initiative is about keeping an open mind and providing better outcomes for consumers. This message was reinforced by industry experts, sharing their observations of regtech trends and projections of what’s to come.

Watch the event: the entire session is available below on livestream.

For any specific sessions from the event, follow the follow links:

ASIC’s 7th Regtech Liaison Forum

Friday 26 July 2019

This Forum facilitates discussions and networking around developments and opportunities that arise from the application of regtech. ASIC looks to establish stronger outcomes for consumers, whilst simultaneously encouraging efficiencies in market performance.

This session explored:

  • ASIC's upcoming Regtech Demonstration and Symposium events across Financial Promotions and Financial Advice;
  • The latest observation across recent developments;
  • Regulators’ update on use and interest in regtech;
  • Opportunity for Q&A.

The session was held at each of ASIC's major capital offices, connected via video link.

Each of these events are open to presentations from across the industry. If you have an interesting case study or experience you'd like to speak on, please feel free to contact for a follow-up discussion.

ASIC's Regtech Liaison Forum - Meeting 06

12 April 2019

Hosted in ASIC's Sydney and Melbourne offices with sites in Perth, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide and Hobart connected via video conference.



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ASIC issues guidance for Government’s enhanced regulatory sandbox

25 August 2020

ASIC has released guidance to assist innovative financial businesses test their products and services under the Government’s enhanced regulatory sandbox (ERS), scheduled to commence on 1 September 2020.

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Enhanced regulatory sandbox: Overview Webinar

1 September 2020

ASIC hosted an overview webinar on the Government's Enhanced Sandbox (ERS). To watch the event recording and download a copy of the presentation, visit the ERS additional resources page.


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