Alternate directors

New ID requirement for directors

Company directors are now required by law to apply for a director identification number. Find out more about director identification number.

This is Information Sheet 2 (INFO 2).

A company director can appoint someone to act as an 'alternate director' for a set period of time. This can include some or all of the powers that a director would have.

The appointing director may stop the alternate’s appointment at any time.

Appointing an alternate director

To appoint an alternate director, a Change to company details (Form 484) must be lodged with ASIC. You must notify us within 28 days if an alternate director is appointed.

Alternate directors are required by law to apply for a director identification number (director ID). Once you have a director ID, it will be unique to you forever.

The appointment of an alternate director must be in writing and the company must keep a copy for its records.

The appointment must include the following details for the alternate director:

  • full name and any former names
  • date and place of birth
  • residential address
  • date of appointment
  • the name of the director for whom the individual is an alternate;
  • expiry date (if applicable). If the appointment is open ended, provide the date of appointment only
  • terms of appointment. This includes their capacity to sign instruments and attend directors' meetings.

Changing an alternate director's details

When an alternate director's details change, a Change to company details (Form 484) must be lodged. Changes can include:

  • change to name or address
  • change to the proposed expiry date (if any) of the appointment period.

Removing an alternate director

If the appointment was open ended, you need to tell us the cease date by lodging a Change to company details (Form 484). Where the alternate director is the last appointed director of the company, they cannot be ceased. 

Where the alternate director’s cessation is lodged with ASIC more than 28 days after the cessation date, the cessation date will change to the lodgement date of the form.

You can apply to us to have an amended director cessation date fixed where it is within 56 calendar days of the original cessation date notified.

To apply, lodge a Form 502 Application to change the cessation date of a director. You can also apply to the Court for a court order to fix the cessation date of the director. If given, you can lodge notice of the court order along with a Form 105 Cover page for an ‘office copy of a court order.

If the alternate director's appointment has an expiry date, you don't need to tell us.

Removal of an alternate director must be in writing and the company must keep a copy for its records.

If the appointing director is removed, this does not remove the alternate director. A Change to company details (Form 484) needs to be lodged to remove both roles.

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