ASIC's Regtech Showcase

On 18 September 2017, 180 people participated in ASIC's Regtech Showcase event at KPMG in Sydney. The event attracted a diverse audience including regtech developers financial institutions, law and professional service firms, ASIC people and other regulators.

The showcase saw two key regtech topics examined in depth through panel discussions, commentary from a range of experts and floor discussion:

  • The future of regulatory reporting - The use of new technologies to provide for more efficient and effective provision and/or access to regulatory information.
  • Understanding and meeting regulatory obligations - How software and algorithms can help firms understand and meet their regulatory obligations more efficiently and effectively.

AudienceThe event attracted 180 people with an interest in regtech.

Audience 2KPMG provided space in their Barangaroo offices.

Regtech developers and technologists also had the opportunity to share solutions they are already working on that may help address challenges relating to the future of regulatory reporting and understanding and meeting regulatory obligations.

Presenters included:

  • Advice RegTech presenting SAMI
  • IBM
  • Lucsan presenting Lumen
  • Moneycatcha presenting Regchain
  • RegBot
  • Red Marker presenting Artemis
  • Verifier
  • Checkbox
  • Data 61

Showcase TwoMatt Symons facilitating Q&A with series two showcase presenters.

Showcase Series OneSeries one showcase presenters during Q&A.

Why a showcase?

In response to feedback received on REP523 and our own evaluation, we opted for a hybrid format for the event, where two key topics related to regtech could be examined in depth to help the industry deepen understanding and hear a variety of views on the challenges that various stakeholders will all play a role in solving.

ASIC considered the showcase event as an opportunity to define real problems, explore them and start to consider ideas to solve them.  the event objectives were to:

  • engage the regtech sector and interested stakeholders
  • provide opportunities for collaboration
  • prompt industry to propose and develop solutions to identified problems
  • provide a starting point for future-focussed work streams led by the relevant parties.

On our role, ASIC Chairman Greg Medcraft said, "Where this rapid shift of the financial landscape will end up is not yet clear, but for regulators, I can confidently say that remaining open, engaged and globally connected will mean the best chance for this technology to bring benefits to all participants in the financial sector."

During the panel discussion on understanding and meeting regulatory obligations, Commissioner Cathie Armour expressed concern about the title "regtech," because of its association with the back-office, non-core business responsibilities. She explained, "Regtech should instead be perceived as using technology to assist the core responsibility held by businesses' front line, to deliver better outcome for customers. The introduction of a 'regtech' is a fantastic opportunity/catalyst to change how industry thinks about and approaches regulation."

In his closing remarks, Commissioner John Price amplified a key message from the day, "lets try to do things differently to change the way the future looks."

Observations from the day

Regtech will continue to impact service providers, industry incumbents, fintech and regtech entities and regulators. ASIC and other regulators have a role to play as a facilitator and enabler of events, and there is an increased interest in improving coordination across the sector. Financial firms also need to continue being open to doing things differently.

Engagement with technology and data will ultimately impact how the area develops, as will the use of trials and scaled engagements. Industry is keen for regulators to continue to undertake regtech trials and to be transparent about both the approach and the results.

The future of regulatory reporting

Industry welcome increased coordination between regulators on requirements for regulatory reporting and seeks collaboration between all stakeholders on priority projects. There is interest in ASIC being an observer to collaborations and to consider other measures to promote regtech related trials.

It was observed that there are different issues between on-going large scale reporting and one-off small scale regulatory reporting.

With respect to data, it was observed that data collection, use and distribution all bring different challenges and the absence of sound data to analyse or to act on, can make it difficult to be proactive in developing new solutions.

The importance of data governance was also highlighted as this is closely relates to broader concerns relating to trust in firms and Government.

Understanding and meeting regulatory obligations

Compliance needs to be part of the front end and right through the product or sales processes – technology should facilitate this and responsibility lies with the firm to drive change.

There are differing views on whether codified regulation or AI will play a larger role in making compliance tools more accessible and useful, but it is generally agreed that human judgement will remain essential.

Overall it was agreed that regtech brings potential to deliver better outcomes for consumers, but rapidly evolving systems and requirements for management and compliance create challenges for the creators and consumers of regtech solutions.

Further resources

A set of presentation slides from showcase entities and their solution descriptions are available online. Speaker bios and the full agenda are available on the Innovation Hub website.

For more on ASIC's approach to regtech, see:

A big thanks to everyone who attended the event and especially those who helped deliver it.

Highlights and speakers


Greg MedcraftASIC Chairman Greg Medcraft opened the event.

Mark AdamsInnovation Hub Coordinator / SEL Mark Adams was host for the day.

Asic Scribe 01 Intro

Session one: The future of regulatory reporting 

Panel OnePanel One: Kristin Stubbins - PwC, Rebecca Lim - Westpac, Dr Katrina Ellis - APRA and John Price - ASIC with moderator Peter Ryan - ABC.

Asic Scribe 02 Panel Discussion 01

Asic Scribe 03 Showcase 01

Session two: Understanding regulatory obligations 

Panel TwoPanel Two: Moderator Matt Symons - Red Marker, with Michelle Bain - Suncorp, Steve Carlisle - Deloitte Digital and Cathie Armour - ASIC.

Asic Scribe 04 Panel Discussion 02

 Asic Scribe 05 Showcase 02


John PriceCommissioner John Price wrapped up the day.

Asic Scribe 06 Commentary 02

Artist visualisations by Phillip Marsden. 

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