Limited AFS licensees: Quick guide

ASIC has prepared a ‘quick guide’ to highlight some of the main obligations that apply when giving advice to retail clients under a limited AFS licence.

Purpose of quick guide

The quick guide that you can download below is a summary of some obligations that apply when giving advice to retail clients under a limited Australian financial services (AFS) licence. However, it is not an exhaustive list and it may omit detail that affects when and how the obligations apply to you. It is not a substitute for appropriate professional advice relevant to your personal circumstances.

ASIC encourages limited AFS licensees and their representatives to download, keep and refer to this resource as they build up their businesses in giving financial advice.

Download the quick guide

More in this section

  • Limited AFS licensees – check whether you are a limited AFS licensee or a representative of a limited AFS licensee
  • Information Sheet 227 What can limited AFS licensees do? (INFO 227), which explains the scope of the activities you can carry out under a limited AFS licence
  • Information Sheet 228 Limited AFS licensees: Advice conduct and disclosure obligations (INFO 228), which explains what you need to do when you provide advice to retail clients (especially advice about SMSFs)
  • Information Sheet 229 Limited AFS licensees: Complying with your licensing obligations (INFO 229), which explains what you must do as a limited AFS licensee on an ongoing basis

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Last updated: 15/12/2022 10:59