Insolvency supplementary statutory report

A registered liquidator may use an insolvency supplementary statutory report to provide additional information to ASIC to that in the insolvency initial statutory report.

A court may also direct a registered liquidator to lodge a report if it appears that misconduct may have occurred, and the registered liquidator has not lodged a report on the matter.

Important: if the supplementary report is funded via the Assetless Administration Fund, the funding request reference number will be required to submit the transaction. This reference number may be from either the ASIC Regulatory Portal or from the previous Liquidator Portal.

We have made available additional content about the insolvency supplementary statutory report transaction. This content was used at an information session for registered liquidators on 13 March 2020.

Below are screen shots of the transaction in the portal showing its various sections. Not all the available sections are expanded and shown in these images.


Identify the possible offences or other misconduct 

You will be asked to identify the possible offences or other misconduct. Your selections will determine how other sections of the transaction are revealed. This conditional logic ensures that appropriate questions are tailored to your responses.


You can lodge one report on behalf of several companies

You can lodge one report on behalf of several companies. Provide the ACN of the parent company and in the section relating to corporate groups, answer “yes” and provide details of the additional companies as an attached file or type the information in the free-text field.


Last updated: 30/03/2021 09:24