Activa Accreditation Program 1

Activa Accreditation Program 1

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Activa Accreditation Program 1

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This course was previously called the AIA Agent Development program and Activa Accreditation Program. Note: The course is offered to advisors who wish to contract with AIG Financial Solutions only. Participants who successfully complete assessments will be awarded a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment.

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Life Insurance, Generic Knowledge, Skills



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Sydney, NSW regional, Melbourne, VIC regional, Perth, WA regional, Brisbane, QLD regional

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Distance, Self-paced, Face-to-face

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Examination - open book, Case study, Class attendance, Other - Role play skills assessment

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Voluntary: course or assessment service no longer offered

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This course is no longer being offered



Jenelle West, National Training Best Practice Manager

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(03) 9009 4191

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(03) 9009 4090



Financial Services EssentialsExplain the different types of fnancial markets. List the various types of financial institutions and/or savings and invetsment products provided. Understand the 4 core types of investments and their associated risk levels.Insurance TerminologyExplain the different types of insurance and terms used in the insurance industry. Taxation and EconomicsExplain how AIG Life products are taxed. Explain the Government's 4 main economic oblectives. List the 4 stages of the business cycle. Explain the 2 types of economic policies used by the Government to control and stabilise the economy. Financial Services RegulationsIndentify the major financial services regulators and regulations. State the obligations of an advisor as oultined within the Corporations Act. Understand and explain the different types of advice. State key aspects of the relevant laws.Introduction to AAP 1This unit provides the introduction and foundation for AAP 1. It includes a recap on the life insurance basics that were covered in the sefl study pre-work. The standards expected of a candidate as a Life insurance adviser. An overview of AAP 1 and an introduction to the life insurance advice and sales cycle.ProspectingThe first step in the life insurance advice and sales cycle which is prospecting. Discussion on where to look for prospects, the tools and skills a candidate will need to be successful and the important rules they must follow when prospecting. Analysing NeedsIn this unit we cover the second step in the life insurance advice and sales cycle, which is analysing needs. We will discuss the purpose, rules, tools, preparation and skills for conducting a needs analysis.Priority ProtectionThis unit examines the Term Life and Crisis Recovery Stand Alone Plans. It explains the standard and optional benefits provided by these two plans. It also details the general terms and conditions of a Priority Protection Policy.Cashback FlexiThis unit examines the Term Life and Crisis Plans. It explains the bebefits provided by these two plans and it also details the general terms and conditions of a Cashback Flexi policy.Providing SolutionsThis unit covers the 3rd step in the life insurance advice and sales cycle where a candidate develops their recommended solution for their client, presents it and hopefully closes the sale. Discussion on the important procedures and guidelines a candidate must follow during this stage, the tools and documents they will use and the sales skills they will need to be successful.Client ServicingIn this unit we cover the final two steps in the life insurance and sales cycle which is after sales service and client review. This unit also covers dealing with complaints and reporting any breaches.Planning for SuccessThis unit explains the importance of business planning, time management and on the job activities that need to be completed during the first 3 months after contracting with AIG FS.


American International Assurance Company (Australia) Limited trading as AIG Life


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