Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)

Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)

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Course Name

Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)

Course Information

The Advanced Diploma is comprised of FOUR specialist courses and it is a pre-requisite entry requirement that a student must have successfully completed the the Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) (FNS50804) prior to enrolment. Participants who are assessed against any of the ASIC advisory units and their pre-requisites identified below within this program will receive a Statement of Attainment listing which ASIC units have been completed. The course is offered as distance, workshop or RPL. The cost and duration indicated below refers to distance education. Please contact provider for details regarding other study methods.

Competencies Covered

A student will ONLY be RG146 compliant for the specialist knowledge areas below if the following units are included on the Statement of Attainment issued in conjunction with the Advanced Diploma qualification. Financial Planning: FNSASIC503ZB, FNSFPLN501B, FNSFPLN502B, FNSFPLN503B, FNSFPLN504B, FNSFPLN505B. Securities: FNSASIC503WB, FNSICCUS506B, FNSICCUS507B, FNSFMKT502B, FNSFMKT503B. Derivatives: FNSASIC503VB, FNSICCUS506B, FNSICCUS507B, FNSFMKT502B, FNSFMKT503B Managed Investments: FNSASIC503TB, FNSICCUS506B, FNSICADV502B, FNSICPRO502B, FNSICCUS507B. Superannuation: FNSASIC503UB, FNSICCUS506B, FNSICADV502B, FNSICPRO502B, FNSICCUS507B. Life Insurance: FNSASIC503XB, FNSICADV501B, FNSCOMP501B, FNSICPRO502B, FNSICCUS507B.

Award Given at Completion

Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) PLUS Statement of Attainment

Specialist Knowledge

Financial Planning, Securities, Derivatives, Managed Investments, Superannuation, Life Insurance, Generic Knowledge, Skills



Where Course Delivered

Sydney, NSW regional, Melbourne, VIC regional, Adelaide, SA regional, Perth, WA regional, Brisbane, QLD regional

Delivery Method

Self-paced, Face-to-face

Assessment Type

Examination - open book, Case study, Class attendance, Other - Role Plays

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Ann Young

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1300 88 33 46

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03 8677 6911

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Principles of Advanced TaxationIntroduction to Taxation Planning; Tax on Earned Income; Tax on Investment Income; Tax and Superannuation; Tax and Social Security; Fringe Benefits Tax; Goods and Services Tax (GST).Principles of Advanced Estate PlanningEstate Planning; Estate Planning definitions; The adviser and regulatory issues; Transferring Assets between generations; Trusts; Assets in companies; Beneficiaries with particular needs; Important Issues; Principles of Advanced Investment PlanningInvestment Planning; Financial Mathematics and Portfolio Construction; Investment Styles and Strategies; Global and International Investing; Complex Financial Planning Strategies and Investments; Principles of Statement of Advice ConstructionPersonal Financial Advice and compliance; The personal advice process; Analysis and research; Financial issues with personal objectives; Developing Complex and Innovative Financial Planning Strategies; Constructing the statement of Advice; Negotiate strategic recommendations and implement; Ongoing service and review


International Institute of Technology Pty Ltd


Ann Young, CEO

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03 9095 7760

Fax Number

03 8677 6911

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