Advice in Foreign Exchange

Advice in Foreign Exchange

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Advice in Foreign Exchange

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RG146 Generic Knoweldge is a pre-requisite entry requirement for enrolment.

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FNSASIC503SB Provide advice in Foreign Exchange FNSICCUS506B Determine client requirements and expectations FNSICADV502B Provide appropriate and timely information and advice to clients FNSICPRO502B Conduct research to support recommendations FNSICCUS507B Record and implement client instructions

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Skills, Foreign Exchange



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All of Australia

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Computer-based, Distance, Individual assessment, Self-paced, Web-based, Face-to-face

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Examination - open book, Computer based, Case study, Class attendance

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Australia and Foreign Exchange MarketsIntroduction to the Australian financial system and financial markets. Foreign exchange markets. Exchange rates and the Australian dollar. The trading cycle. Foreign exchange financial instruments. Foreign exchange market participants. Foreign exchange dealers and brokers, speculators and arbitrageurs. Regulation of the Australian foreign exchange market. Anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing. Foreign exchange and tax. Currency conversion rules. Foreign exchange measures and foreign currency accounts. Accounting for foreign exchange rates. Hedge accounting for foreign currency items and derivatives. Factors which affect foreign exchange ratesDeterminants of foreign exchange rates. Economic conditions. Balance of trade levels and trends. Foreign debt. Economic growth and health. Economic policy, including fiscal policy and monetary policy. Interest rate parity. Government and central bank intervention. Foreign exchange rate modelling. Long-run and short-run factors affecting exchange rates. Other factors which affect foreign exchange rates, including geopolitical conditions and market psychology. The mechanics of foreign exchange tradingForeign exchange trading. Timelines for spot and forward transactions Market makers. Understanding foreign currency trading quotes. Profit and loss considerations. Currency pairings. Trading in spot markets. Fundamental and technical analysisFundamental analysis. Trading fundamentals of the major currency pairs. Trading fundamentals of the minor currencies. Technical analysis. Technical analysis and trading behaviour of the currency majors and minors. Managing foreign exchange rate risk.Defining risk. Managing risk, including identifying and assessing risk, choosing a course of action, implementing a plan of action and reviewing and evaluating the plan.. Hedging foreign exchange rate risk both internally and externally, using forward contracts, currency swaps, options, futures and exchange traded funds.


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