AES6 Life Insurance

AES6 Life Insurance

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AES6 Life Insurance

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For full RG146 compliance against the specified knowledge and skills, participants must complete AES6 Life Insurance; AESG Generic Knowledge and the Financial Education Professionals skills module. Note: GST is payable in addition to the course cost below. Should the Skills module not be completed, the student has gained RG146 compliance in Life Insurance General Advice only.

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Certificate of completion

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Life Insurance, Generic Knowledge, Skills



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Sydney, NSW regional, Melbourne, VIC regional, Hobart, TAS regional, Adelaide, SA regional, Perth, WA regional, Darwin, NT regional, Brisbane, QLD regional, ACT

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Distance, Individual assessment, Self-paced, Face-to-face

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Examination - closed book, Other - Workplace Assessment

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Price is valid to 30 June 2012



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Operation of insurance marketsDefinition of insurance product, Characteristics and participants of the Australian insurance market, Roles played by intermediariesInsurance products & TaxationTypes of insurance products (eg risk insurance products, investment life insurance products and general insurance products), Conditions, exclusions, levels of coverage of risk transfer products, Pricing Advisory functionsThe role of insurance adviser/broker/agent, Participants in the insurance advisory services market, Range of services provided, Profile and financial information of the client, Appropriateness of a risk assessment Legal environment – disclosure and complianceThe role of the representative/adviser Relevant legal principles (eg Corporations Act, ASIC Act, Insurance Contracts Act 1984, Life Insurance Act 1995, Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act) The relationship between ethics and regulatory requirements (eg good faith, faith, utmost good faith, full disclosure of remuneration/fees and any other conflicts of interest which may influence the adviser’s recommendation), relevant industry standards and codes of conduct, regulators’ guidelines including our requirements in this policy, complaints resolution procedures (external and, if relevant, internal)Life InsuranceTypes/classes of life insurance products/policies, standard cover (and deviations), product development, policy wordings, underwriting, insurance claims, premium rating/risk assessment, investment strategy (investment component of life insurance products)


Financial Education Professionals Pty Ltd


Account Executive, Anne Wilkinson

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02 9252 7437

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02 9252 7437

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