AES9 Margin Lending facilities

AES9 Margin Lending facilities

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AES9 Margin Lending facilities

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For full RG146 compliance against the specified knowledge and skills, participants must complete AES9 Margin Lending facilities; AESG Generic Knowledge and the Financial Education Professionals skills module. Note: GST is payable in addition to the course cost below. Should the Skills module not be completed, the student has gained RG146 compliance in Margin Lending General Advice only.

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Certificate of Completion

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Generic Knowledge, Skills, Margin Lending Facility



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All of Australia

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Distance, Individual assessment, Offsite training room, Self-paced, Face-to-face

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Examination - closed book, Other - Workplace Assessment

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Introducing margin lendingBorrowing money: gearing or leverage What is margin lending? Characteristics of margin loans How much to borrow with a margin loan? The market for margin lending For whom might margin lending be suitable? Margin Lending facilities: product characteristicsHow much can clients borrow? Margin lending tables Approved product lists Interest costs Margin lending product features Protected margin loans Systems and credit approval Margin calls Investment maintenance Margin lending terminology Margin lending and taxationTaxation and investing Imputation of share dividends Taxation of managed investments Deductions Capital gains tax Professional traders Margin lending: benefits, risks and risk managementBenefits of margin lending Risks of margin lending Examples of a Margin Lending Risk Disclosure Statement Managing the risks Margin Lending: Lessons from recent prominent casesBackground to the new margin lending laws Make sure that advice provided to clients is appropriate and the margin lending is suitable Double gearing Recognise the impact of volatile markets Margin lending is not stock lending Make sure that responsibilities and clear and unambiguous Responsible lending: assessing unsuitabilityResponsible lending Assessing unsuitability Prescribed ‘reasonable enquiries’ Prescribed ‘unsuitability’ Practical aspects of responsible lending Who might be suitable for margin lending? Margin call obligations Reporting obligations Compliance obligations Disclosure requirements – simple risk disclosure statement, standard disclosure requirements Margin lending glossary Legal environment – disclosure and complianceRegulatory environment for financial services Characteristics of ‘financial instruments’ or ‘securities’ Why regulate financial markets? Australian regulatory bodies The Financial Services Reform (FSR) Act and Licensing. Relevant legal principles. Other regulatory issues Compliance Regulation of margin lending Licensing and disclosure Transitional arrangements Responsible lending Margin call obligations Reporting obligations Compliance obligations


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