Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) (2)

Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)

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Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)

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For ASIC compliance against the stated specialist knowledge areas participants must complete the following subjects: ECON1002 Macroeconomics in the Global Economy (replacing ECON1110 Macroeconomics I); ACFI2070 Business Finance; ACFI3006 Personal Financial Planning (replacing ACFI2200); ACFI3130 Investments; ACFI 3140 International Finance; ACFI3004 – Taxation (replacing ACFI3170 Taxation in Australia); ACFI3190 Financial Institutions Risk Management. The course cost indicated below is the estimated costs for Commonwealth Supported students. The course duration takes into consideration lectures, tutorials, exams and self directed study times required for the course.

Competencies Covered

For RG146 compliance in the specialist knowledge areas the following courses must be completed - Generic Knowledge - ECON1002 (replacing ECON1110), ACFI2070, ACFI3130; Securities & Derivatives - ACFI2070, ACFI3130, ACFI3006 (replacing ACFI2200); Managed Investments - ACFI3006 (replacing ACFI2200); Financial Planning - ACFI3006 (replacing ACFI2200), ACFI3004 (replacing ACFI3170); Superannuation - ACFI3006 (replacing ACFI2200), ACFI3004 (replacing ACFI3170); Foreign Exchange - ACFI3140, ACFI3006 (replacing ACFI2200); Deposit Products and Non Cash Payments - ACFI3190, ACFI3006 (replacing ACFI2200); Skills - ACFI3006 (replacing ACFI2200)

Award Given at Completion

Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)/ Transcript

Specialist Knowledge

Financial Planning, Securities, Derivatives, Managed Investments, Superannuation, Deposit Products and Non-Cash Payments, Generic Knowledge, Skills, Foreign Exchange



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NSW regional

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Examination - open book, Examination - closed book, Other - Individual Assignments, group work, class presentation, in class exam, formal exam

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Neil Hartnett, Senior Lecturer

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02 49215039

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02 4921 6905

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ECON1002 Macroeconomics in the Global Economy (replacing ECON1110)Lectures may include, but are not restricted to, the following topics: 1. Key macroeconomic concepts 2. Global macroeconomic issues such as inflation, unemployment, external debt, economic growth, poverty, and climate change. 3. Production and growth issues 4. Business cycles and economic fluctuations 5. Money and prices/monetary policy and inflation 6. Asset markets and the financial sector; exchange rates and the balance of payments 7. Budget deficits, borrowing and debt crises 8. Key macroeconomic policy issues 9. Recent theoretical developments and their policy implications ACFI2070 Business FinanceThe course considers the impact of financing and investment decisions on business enterprises. Topics covered include a consideration of the goals of organisations and investors, investment evaluation techniques, the valuation of equity and debt securities, fixed interest securities, sources and types of available finance, the relationship between risk and return, portfolio theory, asset pricing models ACFI3130 InvestmentsCovers analysis of derivative securities, binomial option pricing, put-call parity for stock options and the like. ACFI3006 Personal Financial Planning (replacing ACFI2200)Provides a broad overview of the nature and scope of individual financial planning in the Australian context. Provides specific coverage of the major components necessary for the development of individual financial plansACFI3004 – Taxation (replacing ACFI3170)Lectures may include, but are not restricted to, the following topics: 1. International Taxation 2. Assessable Income Ordinary Income 3. Assessable Income Other Issues 4. Allowable Deductions General Deductions 5. Allowable Deductions Specific Deductions 6. Calculation of Individual Taxation 7. Depreciating Assets 8. Retirement Payments 9. Capital Gains Tax 10.Fringe Benefits Tax 11.Companies and Partnerships 12.Good and Services Tax ACFI3140 International FinanceProvides systematic analysis of issues in international fiance, such as the international financial system, institutions and market practices, exchange rate quotation and behaviour, the relationship between spot and forward exchange rates, interest rates and expected inflation rates, the measurement of foreign exchange risk, managing foreign exchange exposure, foreign currency futures and options and international investment.ACFI3190 Financial Institutions Risk ManagementProvides an overview of financial markets and the role of financial institutions, liquidity management, the use of financial derivatives in the management of interest rate risk, financial institutions liability management, management of securities portfolios, credit analysis, management of loan portfolios, management of bank capital, an overview of financial institutions regulations and issues in international banking.


University of Newcastle


Assistant Academic Registrar, Faculty of Business and Law

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02 4921 7952

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