(Bank 2008) Financial Planning

(Bank 2008) Financial Planning

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(Bank 2008) Financial Planning

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(Bank 2008) Financial Planning is a compulsory component of the Bachelor of Applied Finance degree and an elective course in the Division of Business at the University of South Australia.

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Financial Planning, Securities, Managed Investments, General Insurance, Life Insurance, Deposit Products and Non-Cash Payments, Generic Knowledge, Skills



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Sydney, NSW regional, Melbourne, VIC regional, Hobart, TAS regional, Adelaide, SA regional, Perth, WA regional, Darwin, NT regional, Brisbane, QLD regional, ACT

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Computer-based, Distance, Self-paced, Face-to-face

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Examination - closed book, Case study, Class attendance, Other - Class Test, Group Presentation, Group Written Business Report, Group Peer Review

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Mr Peter Lennox, Program Director

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08 8302 0004

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08 8302 0992

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The financial planning professionAdvisory functions, the role of the financial planner, participants in the advisory services market, range of services provided, the financial planning process, Legal environment—disclosure and compliance, the role of the representative/adviser relevant legislation (e.g. Corporations Act, ASIC Act, Privacy Act), the relationship between ethics and regulatory requirements (good faith, full disclosure of remuneration/fees, conflicts of interest), relevant industry standards and rules / codes of conduct, ASIC regulatory’ guidelines including ASIC’s requirements, complaints resolution procedures (external and, if relevant, internal). Personal financial planningClient / Adviser relationships, explaining the adviser’s role, establishing knowledge level of the client, Identify and Analyse client objectives,needs, and financial situation, client objectives and goals, risk profile of the client, cash flows (required and projected), Develop appropriate strategies and solutions, Implement and maintain financial plan, *Note: The above issues are overviewed in this topic and then reinforced in later topics when specific content – investments etc, are introduced. Financial planning skillsThe economic environment , characteristics and impact of economic and business cycles, interest rates, exchange rates, inflation, government monetary and fiscal policies, Operation of financial markets, roles played by intermediaries and issuers, structure and inter-relationships within the financial markets, inter-relationship between industry sectors, Financial products, types of financial investment products, types of financial risk products, Risk and return, General principles of financial risk, Risk and return trade-offs, Financial mathematics, Time value of money, Financial instruments and their relationship to time value of money principles, Personal Budgeting, Personal income and expenditure Personal balance sheet, Personal cash flow statements Taxation PlanningTaxation, the Australian taxation and social security systems, relevant taxation laws and regulations, effects of taxation on particular financial products, effects of taxation on financial strategies of individuals and entities Direct investment equities, interest bearing investments, propertyOperation of securities markets, market participants, Types of products, range of securities associated risks, investment options using securities product, product characteristics, Taxation, Dividend imputation, income and capital gains tax, negative gearing, Portfolio issues, Combining investments and risk / return trade-offs, Legal environment—disclosure and compliance, relevant legislative principles, ASX Listing rulesManaged FundsTypes of products, concept of managed investments, specialist knowledge of the range of products offered under managed investment schemes, or a specific product offered under a scheme, identification of types of risks, Fees and Disclosure, Entry, exit and management expense ratios, Management styles, Active and passive management styles, Taxation, awareness of relevant taxation issues, Legal environment—disclosure and compliance, the role of the representative/adviser, relevant legislative principles Analysis of investments – valuation principles, ratio analysis and equity valuationTheories of investment, portfolio management and management of investment and risk, investment concepts (efficient markets, modern portfolio theory), Financial formulae (CAPM, Dividend growth model, Sustainable growth, EPS analysis), Ratio analysis, investment strategies, identification of risk types, client risk profile, Portfolio issues, Combining investments and risk / return trade-offsRisk management and insuranceOperation of insurance markets, definition of insurance product, characteristics and participants in the insurance market, Insurance products, types of insurance products, conditions, exclusions, levels of coverage of risk transfer products, premium Taxation, awareness of taxation issues relating to insurance products, Advisory functions, the role of insurance adviser/broker/agent, Legal environment—disclosure and compliance, General insurance, types of general insurance products/policies, policy wordings, insurance claims, Life insurance, types/classes of life insurance products/policies, policy wordings, insurance claims, investment strategy, Insurance broking, types/classes of insurance products, underwriting Estate PlanningTheory of estate planning, relveant issues (wills, enduring and non-enduring powers of attorney), relevant taxation laws and regulations.Assessment


University of South Australia - Division of Business


Mr Peter Lennox, Program Director

Phone Number

08 8302 0004

Fax Number

08 8302 0992

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