Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange

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Foreign Exchange

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The cost below refers to the workshop program, the distance program is $1180.

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FNSASIC503SB Provide advice in Foreign Exchange FNSCOMP501B Comply with financial services legislation, industry and professional codes of practice FNSFMKT502B Analyse financial market products for clients FNSFMKT503B Advise clients on financial risks FNSICADV301B Provide general advice on financial products and services FNSICADV501B Provide appropriate services, advice and products to clients FNSICCUS506B Determine client requirements and expectations FNSICCUS507B Record and implement client instructions FNSICPRO502B Conduct product research to support recommendations FNSICADV502B Provide appropriate and timely information to clients

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Generic Knowledge, Skills, Foreign Exchange



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Sydney, NSW regional, Melbourne, VIC regional, Hobart, TAS regional, Adelaide, SA regional, Perth, WA regional, Darwin, NT regional, Brisbane, QLD regional, ACT

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Distance, Onsite training room, Self-paced, Face-to-face

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Examination - closed book, Case study, Class attendance, Other - Role play, assignments

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The Australian EconomyNature of the Economy Growth of the Australian Economy The Business Cycle Personal TaxationTaxation Overview PAYG Tax Rates Taxation Offsets Taxation of Investment Income Social SecuritySocial Security Entitlements Payment Rates and Other Benefits The Newstart Allowance Disability Support Pension Carer Allowance and Carer Payment The Age Pension Assets and Income Tests Retirement Income SystemDevelopment of Australia’s Superannuation system Superannuation Taxation Incentives Retirement Income Streams Investments FundsManaged and Superannuation Funds Types of Investment Funds Do the Funds Provide Value Specialised Superannuation Funds Financial MarketsCharacteristics of Financial Markets The Australian Financial Markets Relationship between Risk and Return Regulatory EnvironmentGoverning Legislation What is Financial Advice? Regulatory Authorities Industry Associations Licensees and Their Representatives Corporations Act ObligationsRetail versus Wholesale Clients General Advice versus Personal Advice Corporations Act Documentary Requirements The “Reasonable Basis” Requirement Advertising and Promoting Requirements Licensees & their RepresentativesThe Relationship of Principal and Agent Responsibilities of Licensees Legal Obligations of RepresentativesFalse or Misleading Statements The Fiduciary Relationship The Duty of Care Privacy Legislation Types of Financial IntermediariesRole of the financial system Transferring funds from SSUs to DSUs Types of financial intermediaries International organisations Types of Financial markets Money markets The capital markets Internationalisation of financial markets Financial market efficiency Risk faced by financial institutions Monetary Authorities, RBAOrigins & role of central banking authorities RBA, APRA, ASIC Bank for International Settlements Central Banking Systems around the globe International MarketsRisk of international trade Balance of payments Financial account Operations of foreign exchange markets Eurocurrency markets Globalisation of financial markets Compliance and LawLicensing The Law of Contract Liability for statements (including remedies) Regulatory Bodies Provider and Client: Ethical Obligations Capital Raisings and Continuous disclosure Conduct of Financial Services business Insider Trading Fraudulent Market Manipulation Fundamentals of Foreign ExchangeOperations of Foreign Markets Australian Forex Market Impact of Technology Major Currencies Fx Vocabulary Currency Spots and ForwardsThe Spot market The no arbitrage principle Currency spots/currency forwards How Exchange Rates are DeterminedFundamental Determination of Rates Forex Miss-Pricing Economic Conditions Fiscal policy Government Credit Rating Prices Exchange Rate Guarantee Taxation and Foreign Exchange ProfitsForex Taxation Requirements Currency Futures ContractsIntro to currency futures An exchange traded forward contract A standardised contract – minimum conditions Terminology Hedge ratio Currency swapsPrinciples of Currency Swaps & cross currency swaps Partial currency swaps & cross partial currency swaps Practical cocktail swaps OptionsForward Exchange Contracts Options Pricing Intrinsic value and time value options Exercising options The risk of the parties to an option Options on currency futures Selling options on futures Strategies with Currency DerivativesReduced Cost strategies Zero cost strategies Profit retention strategies Using Derivatives to obtain a foreign loan equivalent Managing the currency risk of anticipated foreign transactions Managing cost/return cash flows on long-term currency exposures Establish Relationship with ClientBeginning the Client Relationship Conducting the Fact Finding Interview Concluding the Fact Finding Interview After the Fact Finding Interview Identify Client Objectives and Financial SituationPreparing the Fact Finder Establish a Set of Client Goals and Objectives Choosing the Client Risk Profiles Finalising the Fact Finder Analyse Client Objectives and Financial SituationThe Financial Statements Use of Financial Statement Information Develop Strategies and SolutionsAnalysis of Client Data The Economic Environment Use of Companies and Trusts Selecting Strategies Selecting Products Present Strategies and Negotiate SolutionsPreparing the Statement of Advice The Presentation Interview Implement Agreed PlanImplementation ProceduresProvide On-going AdviceReview Service The Continuing Client Relationship


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