Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance

Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance

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Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance

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This program provides graduates from diverse undergraduate disciplines with training and analytical skills in finance. Students will gain core financial management skills%2C an understanding of Australian and international financial markets%2C knowledge of derivative assets and markets%2C analytical skills for interpreting and analysing developments in finance practice%2C and applied knowledge of various specialised aspects of the finance industry. For ASIC compliance against the stated specialist knowledge areas participants must complete the following subjects: GSBS6140 Investment Analysis GSBS6142 Derivatives and Risk Management GSBS6143 Applied Portfolio Management GSBS 6144 Financial Institutions Management GSBS 6145 International Financial Management GSBS6150 Individual Financial Planning. There may be some fee relief available for this course. Please contact the University for further details.

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Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance/ Transcript

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Financial Planning%2C Securities%2C Derivatives%2C Managed Investments%2C Superannuation%2C Deposit Products and Non-Cash Payments%2C Generic Knowledge%2C Skills%2C Foreign Exchange



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Sydney%2C NSW regional%2C Melbourne%2C VIC regional%2C Hobart%2C TAS regional%2C Adelaide%2C SA regional%2C Perth%2C WA regional%2C Darwin%2C NT regional%2C Brisbane%2C QLD regional%2C ACT

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Examination - open book%2C Examination - closed book%2C Other - Individual Assignments%2C group work%2C class presentation%2C in class exam%2C formal exam

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Course does not meet RG146 requirements - subject requirement unable to be completed within this program.

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This course is no longer being offered



Abul Shamsuddin%2C Associate Professor

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02 49218971

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GSBS6140 Investment Analysis (core course)1. The investment environment 2. The role and institutional features of Australian financial markets 3. Operations of securities market and mechanics of trading securities 4. Risk and return characteristics of equity and debt instruments 5. Theories of investment 6. Principles and practices of securities valuation 7. Analysis and management of equities%2C bills and bonds 8. Fundamentals of portfolio management GSBS6150 Individual Financial Planning (directed course)1. Legal%2C regulatory and ethical principles relevant to financial planning advisers 2. The process of personal financial planning 3. Investment products and associated risk 4. Investment concepts and strategies 5. Risk management and insurance 6. Taxation planning and the social security system 7. Retirement and estate planning 8. Development of a personal financial plan GSBS6143 Applied Portfolio Management (core course)1. The relationships between risk and return 2. Portfolio objective and investment policy 3. Portfolio construction: securities selection and screening 4. Portfolio diversification 5. International investment and diversification 6. Active versus passive portfolio management 7. Portfolio evaluation 8. Portfolio protection and emerging topics GSBS6142 Derivative & Risk Management (core course)1. Operation of derivatives market. 2. Risk and return characteristics of derivative securities. 3. Pricing forward and future contracts. 4. Mechanics of option trading. 5. Option pricing with the Binomial and Black-Scholes models. 6. Options on stock indices%2C futures and exotic options. 7. Managing financial risk using derivative securities GSBS6145 International Financial Management (directed course)1. International business environment 2. International finance and foreign exchange determination 3. Asset-pricing theory at an international level; country and other types of risks 4. Introduction to foreign exchange and derivatives markets 5. Measuring translation and transaction exposure 6. Measuring economic exposure 7. International markets and supranational institutions 8. The cost of capital of a multinational enterprise 9. Corporate strategy and foreign direct investments; capital budgeting in a multinational setting 10. Financing foreign trade 11. Short-term financing and multinational financial system 12. Introduction to international portfolio performance evaluation GSBS6144 – Financial Institutions Management (directed course)1. Structure and regulation of the financial services industry 2. Measuring interest rate risk%2C credit risk%2C market risk%2C off-balance-sheet risk%2C operational risk%2C foreign exchange risk%2C sovereign risk and liquidity risk. 3. Off-balance-sheet activities of financial institutions


University of Newcastle


Assistant Academic Registrar%2C Faculty of Business and Law

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