CP 201 Derivative trade repositories

Released 15 March 2013. Comments closed 12 April 2013.

This consultation paper seeks the views of stakeholders, including potential operators of derivative trade repositories and potential users of these facilities, on our proposed trade repository regulatory regime.

The draft ASIC Derivative Trade Repository Rules 2013 (derivative trade repository rules) (Attachment 1) set out our proposed requirements for Australian derivative trade repository (ADTR) licensees. The draft regulatory guide (Attachment 2) sets out our approach to granting ADTR licences and our guidance on the rules.

We invite comments on the specific proposals and questions in the paper, and on any other matters in the draft regulatory guide and the draft derivative trade repository rules that are not specifically covered in this paper.

Download CP 201 (PDF 370 KB) | Read the media release

Attachment 1: Draft derivative trade repository rules (PDF 166 KB)

Attachment 2: Draft regulatory guide (PDF 417 KB)

Read the report on submissions | Download RG 249 

1 ASX Group
2 Australian Financial Markets Association
5 MarkitSERV
6 Origin Energy
7 Vanguard Investments Australia Limited


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