CP 222 Reducing red tape: Proposed amendments to the market integrity rules

Released 21 August 2014. Comments close 2 October 2014.

This consultation paper seeks feedback from market participants and investors on proposals to repeal or refine three categories of obligations under the ASIC market integrity rules for the ASX, Chi-X, APX, NSXA and SIM VSE markets.

This consultation paper proposes to repeal or refine market integrity rules:

  • Ÿrequiring certain market participants to notify ASIC of details of their professional indemnity insurance cover (although the obligation to have cover will remain);
  • Ÿrequiring certain market participants to obtain ASIC’s consent before sharing business connections; and
  • prohibiting certain transactions during takeovers, schemes of arrangement and buy-backs.

Download CP 222 (PDF 327 KB) | Read the media release

Read the report on submissions

1 Australian Financial Markets Association (PDF 492 KB)
2 ASX Limited (PDF 675 KB)
3 Law Council of Australia (PDF 8.4 MB)
4 National Stock Exchange of Australia (PDF 461 KB)
5 Stockbrokers Association of Australia (PDF 507 KB)
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