CP 86 Competition for market services: Trading in listed securities and related data

Released 23 July 2007. Comments closed 17 August 2007.

This consultation paper:

  • deals with policy questions raised by applications for new Australian market licences from AXE ECN Pty Ltd and Liquidnet Australia Pty Ltd;
  • sets out ASIC’s approach to competition for market services involving trading the same securities on more than one market venue; and
  • seeks the views of operators and users of Australian financial markets and interested members of the public.

Download CP 86 (PDF KB) 

Read media release 07-241MR | Read information release 07-138IR

The public submissions that ASIC has received in response to CP 86 appear below in alphabetical order. We received some confidential submissions that have not been published. ASIC will not make any public comment on the content of these submissions at the moment. We will publish a response document in due course.

As indicated in the consultation paper, the submissions will be used to help formulate our advice to the Minister about the AXE and Liquidnet market licence applications. The Minister is the decision maker on the applications. 

ABN AMRO Equities Australia Ltd 17 August 2007
ACCC 22 August 2007
AFMA August 2007
ASX 17 August 2007
ASX: Supporting analysis to submission 27 September 2007
AXE ECN 17 August 2007
Bonouvrie, Simon: Submission 1 10 August 2007
Bonouvrie, Simon: Submission 2 15 August 2007
Brachi, Rosalind 30 July 2007
CommSec 17 August 2007
IFSA 21 August 2007
Institutional Investors 17 August 2007
Kalorama Legal Services 16 August 2007
Liquidnet 16 August 2007
Macquarie Securities (Australia) Ltd 17 August 2007
McGregor, Andrew 15 August 2007
NSX Limited August 2007
Optiver Derivatives Trading 16 August 2007
Scholtz, Stephen 6 August 2007
SDIA 17 August 2007
Securities Exchanges Guarantee Corporation Ltd August 2007
Weerakoon, Nalin 12 August 2007
Yieldbroker Pty Ltd 16 August 2007


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