2014 class orders

This page lists all class orders issued by ASIC in 2014 that are currently in operation, available for download from www.legislation.gov.au. For information about class orders issued in 2014 that have been revoked, repealed or have expired see the superseded legislative instruments page.

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Class order
Title Commencement
[CO 14/41] Extension of transitional credit hardship provisions  02/03/2014
[14/0234] Transitional exemptive relief for Phase 2 Reporting Entities from elements of the ASIC Derivative Transaction Rules (Reporting) 2013 01/04/2014
[CO 14/541] RSE licensee s29QC SIS Act disclosure exemption 13/06/2014
[14/0633] Transitional exemptive relief for Phase 3 Reporting Entities from elements of the ASIC Derivative Transaction Rules (Reporting) 2013 01/10/2014
[CO 14/784] Approval of auditing standard
(see transitional provisions and 2016/474)
Repealed 09/07/2016
[CO 14/827] Offers of CHESS Depository Interests 13/10/2014
[14/0911] Class exemption to the officers of DTCC Data Repository (Singapore) Pte Ltd from Rule 2.1.1 of the ASIC Derivative Trade Repository Rules 2013 18/09/2014
[CO 14/923] Record-keeping obligations for Australian financial services licensees when giving personal advice 18/09/2014
[CO 14/978] Employee incentive schemes: Personal offers 30/10/2014
[CO 14/1000] Employee incentive schemes: Listed bodies 30/10/2014
[CO 14/1001] Employee incentive schemes: Unlisted bodies  30/10/2014
[CO 14/1252] Technical modifications to Schedule 10 of the Corporations Regulations 13/12/2014
[CO 14/1262] Relief for 31 day notice term deposits  22/12/2014
[CO 14/1276] Repeal of Class Order [SCO 10/321] 19/12/2014
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