2021 legislative instruments

This page lists all legislative instruments issued by ASIC in 2021 that are currently in operation, available for download from www.legislation.gov.au.

For information about legislative instruments issued in 2021 that have been revoked, repealed or have expired see the superseded legislative instruments page.

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Legislative instrument title Commencement date  
ASIC Corporations (AFCA Regulatory Requirement) Instrument 2021/0002 06/01/2021  
ASIC Corporations (Approval of Variation March 2020 Banking Code of Practice) Instrument 2021/11 12/01/2021  
ASIC Derivative Transaction Rules (ADI Foreign Subsidiaries) Class Exemption 2021/51 12/01/2021  
ASIC Corporations (Parent Entity Financial Statements) Instrument 2021/195 26/03/2021  
ASIC Corporations (Margin Lending Relief for Exchange-Traded Instalment Warrants) Instrument 2021/194 01/04/2021  
ASIC Corporations (Short Term Trading Market) Instrument 2021/218 01/04/2021  
ASIC Corporations (Product Intervention Order—Binary Options) Instrument 2021/240

Public notice—Product intervention order in relation to binary options (PDF 673 KB)

ASIC Market Integrity Rules (Securities Markets) Repeal Instrument 2021/136 06/04/2021  
ASIC Corporations (COVID-19—Advice-related Relief) Instrument 2021/268  15/04/2021  
ASIC Corporations (Amendment) Instrument 2021/292 Sch 1: 28/04/2021 

Sch 2: 27/04/2022 

ASIC Corporations (Licence Conditions—Treatment of Lease Assets) Instrument 2021/229 29/04/2021  
ASIC Corporations (Auditor Independence) Instrument 2021/75  07/05/2021  
ASIC Credit (Mandatory Credit Reporting) Instrument 2021/541 15/06/2021  
ASIC Corporations (Consent to Deductions – Ongoing Fee Arrangements) Instrument 2021/124 01/07/2021  
ASIC Corporations (Disclosure of Lack of Independence) Instrument 2021/125 01/07/2021  
ASIC Superannuation (Consent to Pass on Costs of Providing Advice) Instrument 2021/126 01/07/2021  
ASIC Market Integrity Rules (Securities Markets) Determination 2021/509 12/07/2021  
ASIC Market Integrity Rules (Securities Markets) Repeal Instrument 2021/517 12/07/2021  
ASIC Corporations (Extension of Time to Hold AGM) Instrument 2021/770  09/09/2021  
ASIC Corporations (Securities Lending Arrangements) Instrument 2021/821 30/09/2021  
ASIC Corporations and Credit (Reference Checking and Information Sharing Protocol) Instrument 2021/429 01/10/2021  
ASIC Credit (Breach Reporting—Prescribed Commonwealth Legislation) Instrument 2021/801 01/10/2021  
ASIC (Information under the Deferred Sales Model for Add-On Insurance) Instrument 2021/632 05/10/2021  
ASIC Corporations (Design and Distribution Obligations Interim Measures) Instrument 2021/784 05/10/2021  
ASIC Corporations and Credit (Breach Reporting—Reportable Situations) Instrument 2021/716  05/10/2021  
ASIC (Supervisory Cost Recovery Levy—Annual Determination) Instrument 2021/0936 17/11/2021  
ASIC (Supervisory Cost Recovery Levy—Regulatory Costs) Instrument 2021/0938 17/11/2021  
ASIC Market Integrity Rules (Securities Markets) Repeal Instrument 2021/992 12/1/2022  
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