2002 class orders

This page lists all class orders issued by ASIC in 2002 that are currently in operation, available for download from www.legislation.gov.au or as PDF files. For information about class orders issued in 2002 that have been revoked, repealed or have expired see the superseded legislative instruments page.

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Class order number Title Commencement date
[CO 02/285] (PDF) Sydney Futures Exchange — business rules — revocation 11/03/2002
[CO 02/297] (PDF) Listing and business rules — revocation 11/03/2002
[CO 02/318] (PDF) The Society of Lloyd’s 11/03/2002
[CO 02/434] (PDF) FSR Act transition — regulated activities and securities 11/04/2002
[CO 02/435] (PDF) FSR Act transition — regulated activities and insurance brokers 11/04/2002
[CO 02/436] (PDF) Old Corporations Act and responsible entities — certain named schemes 11/04/2002
[CO 02/679] (PDF) SFE Corporation: managed discretionary accounts — variation 28/06/2002
[CO 02/734] (PDF) FSR Act transition — insurance broker registrations 28/06/2002
[CO 02/735] (PDF) Participating property syndicates — amendment 16/07/2002
[CO 02/779] (PDF) Responsible entities holding futures brokers licences under s1142 (as in force on 10 March 2002) 12/07/2002
[CO 02/1013] (PDF) Sydney Futures Exchange Limited — associate participants 01/10/2002
[CO 02/1071] (PDF) Clarification of Corporations Regulation 10.2.74 09/10/2002
[CO 02/1084] (PDF) Australian financial services (AFS) licence numbers in prospectuses 09/10/2002
[CO 02/1298] (PDF) Clarification of Corporations Regulation 10.2.74 — amendment 22/11/2002
[CO 02/1399] (PDF) Operators of IDPS-like managed investment schemes — variation of old law licence 20/12/2002
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