2003 class orders

This page lists all class orders issued by ASIC in 2003 that are currently in operation, available for download from www.legislation.gov.au, or as PDF files. For information about class orders issued in 2003 that have been revoked, repealed or have expired see the superseded legislative instruments page.

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Class order number


Commencement date

[CO 03/244] (PDF)

Licensing relief for financial services offered because of Regulation 7.1.33C(1)


[CO 03/645] (PDF)

FSR Act transition — regulated activities — deposit products and insurance products


[CO 03/653] (PDF)

Pooled development funds: Licensing exemptions for dealing in, and general advice on, own securities


[CO 03/806] (PDF)

Employee share schemes — amendment


[CO 03/965] (PDF)

Sydney Futures Exchange — extension of the definition of "member" of a futures organisation


[CO 03/1094] (PDF)

Law societies - professional indemnity scheme and fidelity funds


[CO 03/1095] (PDF)

Law societies - statutory deposit accounts and public purpose funds


[SCO 03/1110]

Prime brokerage services: relief from obligation to hold client property on trust

(see transitional provisions applying until 30/9/2018)

Repealed 27/9/2017

[SCO 03/1112]

Relief from obligation to hold client money on trust

(see transitional provisions applying until 30/9/2018)

Repealed 27/9/2017

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