Attaching individual proofs

You will be given an opportunity to attach to your application:
  • supporting documents about each of your ‘fit and proper people’ (as the last step in completing the information about each of these people); and

  • other supporting documents (such as the summary business description and any explanation of reasons why you cannot make the statements required to be made in the application: see Section F).

Each time you select ‘upload attachments’, you will be transferred to a secure site in another window (the attachments window) where you can attach supporting documents and send them to ASIC automatically to form part of your application. You can return to a particular screen of your application to upload more documents at any time before the application is submitted.

In the attachments window, you should attach the documents that are specified (and in relation to the person that is specified in the ‘subject’ line if you are attaching information about a fit and proper person) and click ‘send’. This will send the attached documents to ASIC as a secure file transfer. Each secure file transfer can contain up to 10 documents. You can only attach documents that are in TIFF, PDF or RTF formats.

You can print a record of the documents that you have sent to ASIC by selecting ‘Print’ in the attachments window. You can then continue with your application by closing the attachments window.

You should upload and send attachments for each of your ‘fit and proper people’, and your other supporting information, separately. The ‘subject’ line in the attachments window will indicate which person you are uploading attachments for.

This information comes from Regulatory Guide 204.

Last updated: 20/10/2014 12:00