Business name

You will be asked to enter details of any registered business name under which you conduct business.

A business name is a name or title under which a person orcarries on business—for example, Roxy Cafe, Hollingdale & Page.

From 28 May 2012, business names are registered in a national register maintained by ASIC (Business Names Register). Before that date, business names were registered in each state or territory in which the business or trade was carried out.

If your business name was registered after 28 May 2012, you will need to have an ABN to register a business name. In your credit licence application, you can specify your ABN as the number for the business name.

If your business name was registered in a state or territory before 28 May 2012 and transferred to the national register, it may not be linked to an ABN. If you have not yet linked your business name to your ABN, you may need to include details of the previous state or territory registered business name. Under the previous registration systems, each business name had an individual number but the format and length varied according to the state or territory of issue. The state of registration precedes the number—for example, ‘NSW E6882145’, ‘QLD BN2027148’ or ‘SA 0341685J’.

Note: For more information on the national Business Names Register and how to register a business name, see Regulatory Guide 235 Registering your business name (RG 235) and the information on our website at

If you are granted a licence, this information will be included in the Australian Credit Register.

If you are an AFS licensee, this question will be pre-filled with the details of business names listed in the AFS Licensees Register. These pre-filled details cannot be removed. If these registered business names are no longer current, you will need to notify us of that change by lodging Form FS20, and the change must be recorded in that other register, before you can complete the online application.

Your online licence application will be saved and you can resume it from this question after this information has been updated.

If you have additional registered business names that apply to your credit activities, you can add the details of additional names.

If you need to look up your business name details, you can do a business name search by clicking the link in the online application. For full information on registered business names, see our
website at

This information comes from Regulatory Guide 204.

Last updated: 20/10/2014 12:00