Principal place of business

You will be asked to enter your principal business address. If you are granted a licence, this information will be included in the Australian Credit Register.

This information will be pre-filled for:

  • AFS licensees—from the principal business address listed in the AFS Licensees Register; and
  • companies—from the principal place of business address listed in the Australian Company Register.

If there has been a change to your principal business address, you need to notify us of that change by lodging Form FS20 or Form 484 (as appropriate), and the change must be recorded in those other registers, before you can complete the online application.

Your online application will be saved and you can resume it from this question after this information has been updated.

Use of an alternative address in the public register

If your principal business address is your residential address, and you are concerned that publication of your residential address on the public register will put at risk your safety or the safety of your family, you can nominate an alternative address to be included in the register. The alternative address must be an address within Australia at which you can be served with documents. This must be a street address and not a post office box.

You will not be able to nominate an alternative address if you are a company or an AFS licensee, because the details of your principal business address are already publicly available through other registers we maintain.

If an alternative address is recorded in the public register, you will need to notify us within 10 days of any changes to that address. You must also notify us within 14 days if there are any changes to your residential address. You can do this by lodging Form CL20 Notification of change to credit licence details.


This information comes from Regulatory Guide 204.

Last updated: 20/10/2014 12:00