RG 55 Statements in disclosure documents and PDSs: Consent to quote

Issued 17 March 2016

This regulatory guide is for persons who prepare disclosure documents and Product Disclosure Statements (PDSs). It explains how ASIC administers the requirement under s716(2) and 1013K(1) of the Corporations Act 2001 (Corporations Act) for an issuer to obtain consent before citing a person in a disclosure document or PDS (the consent requirement).

This guide is also relevant for persons preparing takeover documents, as it explains the relief we give from the consent requirement and from the requirement in s636(3) and 638(5) for a bidder or target to obtain consent to cite this information in a bidder’s or target’s statement.

Download RG 55 (PDF 320 KB)

See Consolidation of fundraising instruments and guidance for information about consolidation of previous guidance.

Last updated: 17/03/2016 12:00