FS11 Application for exemption FSL requirements

Form FS11      
How to submit Applications should be submitted through the ASIC Regulatory Portal using either the ‘Apply for an approval, consent, nomination or other’ transaction or the ‘Apply for an exemption, declaration or order’ transaction, as applicable. Fees will apply to an application and details about payment options are provided in the portal. For more information, see how you apply for relief.
Applicable Fees Section 951B - Part 7.7 $3487
  Section 992B - Part 7.8 $3487
  Section 1020F - Part 7.9 $3487
  Reg 7.8.02(6) - Minimum Balances $270
  Reg 7.8.16 - Auditor not officer $270
  Reg 7.9.32 - Funds Reporting $270
  REG. 7.9.08 - FOREIGN ACCOUNTS No fee
Last updated: 30/03/2021 09:22