Lodge takeover documents – target's statements and notices

This transaction allows you to lodge target’s statements or supplementary target’s statement or notice of disclosure of substantial holding during a bid period.

You will be able to lodge target’s statements for multiple bid classes in the one transaction responding to bidder’s statement from the same bidder. You will be able to upload and submit:

  • target’s statement
  • supplementary target’s statement
  • notice of disclosure of substantial holding during a bid period under s654C(3) of the Corporations Act.

Shown below are some of the questions and some of the functionality you can expect from this transaction in the portal. This overview does not show every aspect of the transaction.

Early in the transaction you will provide details of legal advisers for the target in relation to the bid.

Target 1

You will enter the bidder’s details.

Target 2

You will be presented with various questions related to target securities.

Target 3

Do any of the director(s) of the target have an interest in the bidder?

Target 4

The transaction allows you to easily upload target’s statement.

Target 5

A fee summary is provided based on the details provided in the transaction.

Target 6

Last updated: 30/03/2021 09:23